Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? If so, you’ll need to level up quickly in Pokémon Go. This can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 12 tips that will help you power up fast!

1. Catch Pokémon whenever you can – While searching for Pokémon, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity and catch as many Pokémon as you can. The more Pokémon you capture, the more XP (experience points) will be earned.

2. Battle in Gyms – Battling in Pokémon Go gyms is a great way to level up quickly. By defeating Pokémon trainers, you’ll earn XP, stardust, and Pokémon candies that can be used to power up Pokémon.

3. Use Lucky Eggs – Lucky eggs are special items in Pokémon Go that double your XP when activated. Make sure to use them whenever they’re available in order to maximize the amount of XP earned.

4. Participate in Raids – Team up with other Pokémon Go players and take part in raids for a chance at some high-level Pokémon and great rewards like rare candy and golden razz berries.

5. Evolve Pokémon – Evolving Pokémon is another way to gain XP quickly as each evolution will give you 500XP or more depending on the Pokémon.

6. Spin Pokéstops – Spinning Pokémon Go Pokéstops each day can be a great way to get extra items and XP. Be sure to visit as many Pokéstops as you can each day.

7. Use Pokémon Candy – Pokémon candy is used to power up Pokémon and will give you extra XP as well. Try to save your Pokémon candy for when you’re ready to evolve Pokémon or power them up in order to get the most out of it.

8. Complete Research Quests – Players who complete research quests are rewarded with experience points, rare Pokémon encounters, and special items like incense, golden razz berries, and more!

9. Hatch Eggs – Hatching eggs is an easy way to gain XP quickly. Pokémon Go gives players the ability to hatch eggs by walking a certain distance. The more Pokémon that you get from hatching eggs, the more XP you’ll earn.

10. Trade Pokémon – Trading Pokémon with other Pokémon Go players is another great way to gain XP and add new Pokémon to your collection. Make sure to do so often in order to level up quickly!

11. Earn medals – Earning Pokémon Go medals can give you extra XP for doing specific activities such as catching water-type Pokémon or hatching eggs.

12. Join a team – Joining a team in Pokémon Go will grant bonus experience points for every action taken that contributes towards the team’s goals such as catching Pokémon or battling in gyms.

If you follow these 12 tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Pokémon master! Good luck!

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