A new era is upon us. The rise of a new empire is imminent.

This is the story of Pharaoh, a new strategy game for iOS and Android that allows players to build their own empire from the ground up.

You will have to gather resources, train an army, and battle against other players in order to become the ultimate Pharaoh!

There are many different ways to play Pharaoh. You will have to make decisions on how best to manage your resources such as food, wood, and gold in order to build your cities.

In addition, you will need to choose which technology research route you want to take in order to gain access to powerful buildings and units.

As the game progresses, players can also find artifacts which grant them special bonuses or additional powers that can help tip the balance of power in their favor.

Of course, no strategy game is complete without combat! Players can battle against each other and engage in war with rival empires for control of land and resources.

There are various unit types such as archers, swordsmen, chariots, and more – each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

As you build up your kingdom, you can also construct defensive structures like walls and towers to protect your cities from enemy attacks.

The world of Pharaoh is a dynamic one in which the player must constantly make strategic decisions in order to stay ahead of their opponents.

With numerous ways to customize and expand your empire, there’s always something new waiting around the corner!

Are you ready to take up the mantle of Pharaoh? Join us on this adventure today!

Experience the thrill of building an empire as you play through Pharaoh: A New Era – The Rise Of a New Empire!

Download it now on iOS and Android devices for free. Start building your legacy today!

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