The best PSVR games are here to take you to a virtual reality where you can get swept up in all manner of adventures and experiences. From the neon-tinted rhythm game Beat Saber that will get you moving to action-packed, stylish Matrix-style bullet dodging in Super Hot, there’s no shortage of fantastic PSVR games to dive into that make the most of Sony’s headset.

If you’re looking for an immersive gaming experience, you can’t go wrong with a virtual reality headset. And if you’ve got a PlayStation VR, you’re in luck, because there are some amazing VR games out there to try. From Pulse-pounding action games to trippy rhythm games, here are our picks for the best PSVR games that are sure to get your heart racing. Happy gaming!

Beat Saber – A rhythm game that gets you moving with its neon-tinted style and addictive gameplay

Beat Saber is the perfect game to take you out of the real world and into a neon-tinted virtual reality. Combining addictive, easy-to-learn gameplay with an immersive, futuristic theme, Beat Saber is like no other rhythm game. You can choose from numerous tracks, with the responsive movements and color coded orbs becoming second nature as you race to finish each song. Each level requires you to slash in time with your glowing saber, dodging bombs and sneaking between blocks that intertwine as the beat rapidly increases in speed. Whether your aim is pure fun or hardcore competitive gaming; Beat Saber will get your heart racing and have you hooked in no time.

Super Hot – An action-packed game that has you dodging bullets in a stylish Matrix-style world

If you’re looking for a uniquely challenging and adrenaline-pumping virtual reality experience, Super Hot is the perfect pick. In this action-packed game, you dodge bullets in slow motion set against the stylized backdrop of a Matrix-style world. Time practically stands still as you duck, dive and weave through a rapidly escalating series of levels that become more and more demanding. With its unique visual style and intense mechanical system, Super Hot is guaranteed to give your PSVR sessions an extra burst of energy.

Moss – A charming adventure game that puts you in the role of a heroic mouse on a quest to save her uncle

Moss is a charming PSVR adventure game that transports players to brilliant, imaginative new worlds. Dive deep into the grand, mystery-filled adventure as you assume the role of Quill – an adorably heroic mouse on a mission to save her uncle. Get ready to face off against larger than life beasts, solve puzzles, and explore vibrant levels overflowing with secrets while accompanied by your loyal spirit companion. Not only do Moss’s visuals look stunning in virtual reality, providing an extra layer of immersion thanks to the 3D audio and positional tracking. So come join Quill on her quest and uncover all the delights of this magical journey!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – A horror classic that has been reinvented for PSVR, offering up a truly terrifying experience

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a horror classic that has been reinvented for the PSVR, providing an intensely terrifying experience that puts you in the heart of the action. Taking on the role of an investigative journalist setting out to discover what happened to his missing wife, this nightmarish virtual reality adventure is one that will certainly leave you shaken and on edge. Sticking close to its traditional roots, the game provides immersive graphical environments and intense scares as you carry out puzzles and combat enemies in order to survive what horrors lie ahead. Play it if you dare and have yourself a truly spine-tingling gaming experience.

Farpoint – A first-person shooter set on an alien planet that will have you battling giant spiders and other horrifying creatures

Farpoint features an immersive and action-packed first-person shooter experience that will have you on the edge of your seat! Set on a mysterious alien planet, in Farpoint you have to battle against huge spiders and other terrifying creatures. The vivid visual design combined with the uniquely immersive nature of PSVR means that engaging with your environment has never been more intense. Fight for your survival in this alien world as you navigate through deadly canyons, lush forests and barren desert wastelands – ultimately it will be down to you to uncover the truth behind this hostile place.

With all these great PSVR games to choose from, you can find something that perfectly caters to your gaming needs. Beat Saber will get your heart racing with its intense and addictive rhythm gameplay, whereas Super Hot will provide a stylish Matrix-style experience you won’t soon forget. Moss is the perfect game for those who want a charming adventure where even the smallest of heroes can triumph, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a horror classic made all the more frightening when experienced in VR. Finally, Farpoint offers up an intriguing FPS set on an alien planet that will keep you coming back for more. No matter what kind of gaming experience you’re after, one of these incredible PSVR titles is sure to exceed your expectations.

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