The North American Challenger Series (NACS) is a professional League of Legends league run by Riot Games.

It serves as a proving ground for up to ten teams aspiring to reach the LCS, the top level of competitive LoL in North America.

The NACS is divided into two seasons per year, with each team playing eighteen matches total.

Teams earn Championship Points based on their performance in the NACS which can be used to qualify for the LCS Summer and/or Winter Splits.

At the end of each NACS season, the top teams will compete in an offline tournament to determine which team is promoted to the LCS.

The NACS provides a great opportunity for aspiring professional teams and players to showcase their skills and make it to the highest level of League of Legends competition in North America.

It also serves as a learning experience for the teams, allowing them to practice and improve in a more laid-back environment before competing on the big stage.

The NACS is an essential part of League of Legends eSports in North America and offers a great platform for aspiring pros to make their mark in competitive LoL.

For more information on the North American Challenger Series, check out Riot Games’ official website.

There you can find all sorts of information about the NACS, including standings, schedules and rulesets for each season.

So if you’re interested in learning more about competitive LoL in North America or getting involved in the NACS yourself, make sure to visit Riot Games’ official website!

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